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Fuck the Bucs game thread


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1 minute ago, BlueInCanada said:

Jones fucking sucks lol 

He's been getting worse as the season goes on. 

Can’t say I agree with that.  He does have a way to take a bad play and make it even worse 

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Just now, mastershake said:

Friendly reminder that our golden jacket RB has 13 yards on 5 carries, and the $40M guaranteed WR has one catch.

And our only TD came off a fluke interception and was caught by our LT.

This team is clearly trusting the process. 

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Well this game does it. 

Blow the fucking thing up.

Jones isnt a franchise QB 

Barkley will never repeat his rookie season 

Judge is a fucking fraud.

We are overpaying non playmakers like Williams, Bradberry like playmakers. 

This team is a dumpster fire and bring in the next GM and HC to fuck it up even more because Mara is just going to hire from within.



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