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Mnf with Peyton and Eli


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I thought their coverage was great...   The two of them are knowledgeable and entertaining, I did not miss having a play by play guy, it felt more like watching the game with them in your living room.

 Listening to Peyton and Ray Lewis talking about planning playing against each other might have been my favorite part.  Especially as they were relating it to the game, Peyton asking what Ray would be thinking in the different situation was insight you do not get from Joe Buck.

It is a shame that they only are doing 10 games

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I enjoyed it. Kinda had that Monday morning film room vibe. It was fun hearing them rooting for things to happen,  like the pack not converting so McAfee can do a play by play on the punt. Also the end of the game where Peyton is just being the bears to run the clock out. That was fun. Also Peyton giving Eli shit for a long winded answer. 

They should just get former qbs to do all games in that setting. Never noticed what a sensory overload normal announcers are. 

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