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Giants v Browns


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2 minutes ago, BlueInCanada said:

Although soemthing of concern is outside of Lawrence/Shelton/Hill we don't have alot of depth for the bigs on the Dline. No one really stepping up. 

Losing Tomlinson is going to sting this year. 


5 minutes ago, BlueInCanada said:

Listening to the Browns feed you would think this team just won four SBs in a row.

"This team is becoming an example of how to win in the NFL"

"Only the highest of standards with the Browns, from top to bottom"

It's like mother fucker your team all up until 2019 was the red headed step child of the NFL shut the fuck up lol 

I mean it's good to see them going in the right direction after 50 years of bottom feeding but holy these commentators lol 


They're truly awful.

A few times they referred to Rodarius Williams, Greedy's brother, as Adoree Jackson. 

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Be nice to see some starters next week on the field, but the back ups this game showed some promise.

It's kind of the culture that Judge and Co have created, a "next man up" mentality, along with DG acquiring those types of players.

Murphy, Burton, Wiggins and the backup center played well (#64? Martin?), I wouldn't want them starting the entire year but for rotation and the odd game injury or two, I'm not as worried when Looney and Fulton retired.

However still worries at IDL depth, OT depth, and even depth at ILB.


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I haven't had the desire to watch football the last two weeks.  I knew it was going to be something similar to the pro bowl but with guys who won't make the roster.  I have given up searching for diamonds in the rough during the preseason, they show up during the regular season.  Good to hear David Sills is still healthy, hope he can stay healthy because he should make the roster if John Ross misses next week.

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