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I think the Giants probably had one of the biggest steal in the second round (if not the first two rounds) by grabbing Azeez Ojulari.

Reading about this kid as rookie minicamp is underway and it's finally looks like the Giants drafted their LB/Edge guy of the next 10 years.

Just read any draft profile on him;

"One of the most NFL ready OLBs/Edge players in the draft, built like a superhuman with a rare combination of strength and explosiveness to play day one and either get after the QB or pursue the RB In the backfield"

"Incredibly high football character and IQ, who is humble and a team leader, being the only freshman to be named a captain under his HC in college"

"Goes after blockers like he's trying to blow up every single run play, knocking pulling guards and FBs over consistently in college to blow up running plays in the backfield"

"His sideline to sideline athleticism allows him to chase down plays and set the edge, while also being able to change direction well in pass coverage when having to drop back"

"His pure strength and athleticism combined with his high football IQ allow him to go after multiple types of blocks"

"Has closing speed that allows him to drive through QBs and running backs when making the tackle/sack"

Even his negatives are positives;

"Isnt the biggest edge LB, but very strong for his size"

"Needs to learn to set the edge better other than using his strength and speed"

"Needs some more reps in pass coverage instead of using his make up speed"


I don't know but I think we may have gotten a hell of a player who I'm very much looking forward to seeing where he's at come year end.


Oh and he's already signed his contract.

Go Blue!

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