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Sports Illustrated: The NFL Should Punish the Eagles For Their Shameful Display in Week 17

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I was thinking this might happen...   teams have gotten some draft implications for off field COVID infractions, but directly effecting on the field competition should be addressed.


Leave it to the Eagles to be a black eye on the last game of the season

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I've lectured my children about how when they're competing, they should compete to the best of their ability to the end of the game, always, regardless of whether you may win or not. Whether its a silly board game or a league championship. Any less is disrespectful to both your teammates and your opponent. 

To see a professional team fail to meet that most basic standard is a new low that I never thought I'd see outside their lamest, lose-for-the-draft level fans. 

The NFL should sanction the Eagles. But even if they don't, the expressions on the Eagles sideline last night may indicate that they've in effect sanctioned themselves. 

And I quote Jalen Hurts: "Its just not right."

 If this doesn't follow the Eagles around for years, there's no justice or karma. But I think it will. Its certainly a stain on Doug Pederson, at minimum. 

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Pederson could of easily left Hurts in the game and just called stupid plays like most other teams do to tank.

Instead he went full "fuck it" mode and announced that the NFL does indeed tank games despite the league saying it never does.

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The fact that he’s not fired tells me it was an organizational decision.  Going for it on 4th and goal down 17-14 is all they need to see since neither qb is that great (right now)

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I don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill, but this is the type of thing that can really hurt an organization long-term as well. 

If you're a player, do you want to go to Philadelphia knowing that putting your body on the line every day might result in your team losing on purpose?  If you're a guy looking for a one year, "prove it" deal, why would you go there if you may be pulled due to your success in the final game? 

If you're a coach, do you want to go there knowing the front office may ask you to lose? 

What if the public backlash forces Lurie to fire Pederson?  What other coach would give fellatio to a water bottle like he does? 


This could be a real shitstorm. 

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