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What the fuck happened this drive?

Fucking Jones look spastic out there.

Two shot gun hand offs in a row? Did Jones kill the play to audible into it?

Holy fuck no wonder why we are 31st ranked.

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5 minutes ago, boohyah said:

Just run the ball on these fuckers. I know Gallman fumbled, but a steady mix of him and Albert Morris should be able to keep control here.

Yes.   Would love to see them hammer down a bit here 

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Just now, Sephiroth said:

Daniel Jones is not showing me anything.

It has to be the hamstring/ankle injury still messing with him.

Last year he was just stupid accurate, he was putting the passes exactly where they needed to be.

This year though, I dont know what has happened to him, his passes are just everywhere and lack any sort of zip to them.

Frustration from a guy you thought would take a step forward this year.

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I know in Cover 3/1 you typically have your CBs bail out at that snap.

By why the fuck have them line up 9 yards off the WR?

It's just stupid and something that should only be seen in college.

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