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Giants extend Logan Ryan


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11 minutes ago, boohyah said:

Wow. I mean good for him but man I'm surprised the Giants didn't just wait till end of season. 10 million a year is a big commitment

It's more around 6.3 million a year with up to 4 million a year in incentives.

He's making 6.5 million this year so it's not a massive jump in pay even if he gets the extra 4 million in incentives. 

It's a pretty good signing considering we are going to have to worry about Peppers, Tomlinson, Barkley, Jones, etc next year so lock a guy down for the time being.

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Not to mention Bradberry, Ryan and Martinez have been our entire defense this year.

Every game they are out there making plays or around the ball.

One of my biggest issues with Williams he just disappears in big moments or for stretches of games, then goes off for one. The last two weeks when we needed a pass rush he's no where to be found.


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Also a great signing for the possibility of Peppers leaving at the end of next year.

We will still have Ryan for two more years and a hopefully a developing McKinney so it won't be as bad of a departure if Peppers signs elsewhere.

Imagine if we lost Ryan at the end of this year and Peppers next year? Oof.

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1 hour ago, CrazedDogs said:

Used to be easier to manipulate the cap that way too. 

Yeah you can push or spread out guaranteed money remaining on the contract to other years.

Usually no signing bonus as a brand new contract usually infers.

Really is worth while for a team to extended a guy with a contract instead of a fresh contract, as you said.

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We'll have to wait and see the details on the cap implications but for 2021, the cap hit is probably only around $8mm. That's not too bad; not breaking the bank, and seems right for Ryan.

Ryan, Peppers, Xman, Love, Bradberry...that's a pretty solid core defensive backfield. I'd love for us to also find a #2 CB, though perhaps Yiadom can hold it down in 2021 since we have bigger off-season priorities elsewhere (WR, pass rusher, OL), plus we'll have to figure out if we offer to Williams or Tomlinson.




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