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Giants vs toilet stains

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My first half take, Colt looks like a QB, would like to see more commitment to the run game, the aggression is nice to see.  I maybe wouldn't have chosen the exact method of going for it the first time (Punter throwing to the center), but for a sub-500 team that is trying to play inspired, I can appreciate the aggression.  Defense has their hands full but has kept it from getting out of hand.  Would like to see these long drives end with TDs. 

Not a lot of complaints really, backup QB, backup RB, very young oline and the offense has moved the ball very well.  Defense is playing without the best CB plus some, and keeping it close.  Very much a winnable game but need some things to go right on both sides of the ball.

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9 minutes ago, Sephiroth said:

Dumb coaching this game. This is my first game where I really think Judge and co. have fucked it up.

I think they are pushing for a win, knowing they are short handed.    Need one gamble to pay off though 

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