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What do you guys think of Zach Wilson?


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He's a name that I keep seeing as a "draft riser" and a lot of people are projecting him to be drafted before Fields. When I watch his highlights though, it's all one-read stuff from a clean pocket and runs.

Does appear to have a nice arm though.  I think if Getty is gone than QB is back on the table, especially if Judge wants another guy.


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If the Giants lose the playoff hunt they are probably around pick 5 to 9.

DG isn't going anywhere not with how this team has played as of late, outside of him retiring for health reasons.

If anything they should go after one of the top WRs in the class, Chase, Smith, Wilson.

I want Chase or Smith honesty, go get a real playmaker and let Jones ride another year.

I wouldn't mind a second or third round QB, someone who can sit behind Jones and learn, become a decent back up and get playing time if and when Jones gets hurt.

Worse comes to worse he backs Jones up all his career, best case scenario hes an option of they move on from Jones.





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