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Seahawks Game thread


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Just now, mastershake said:

What a difference coaches make!

Look at the players who stepped up this year.

All of them have gotten better with gold coaching and optional coaches.

Jesus we can go to the playoffs with this team.

Then bring Eli out of retirement for that run lol 



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1 hour ago, UK-Giantsfan said:

I guess I better keep starting these game threads then ?

I was going to start this one but I decided it’s best to stay with the hot hand.  You’re on 🔥 🔥 🔥 buddy.

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3 hours ago, CrazedDogs said:

I'm still in shock. Best the spread, sure, I knew we had that much in the bag, but actually win?

 ....best, most shocking win, since the 2011 season.

I took a shot at the moneyline....put $500 on giants at +425 .....won $2125


On another note...i won $2150 in 10 minutes playing quick draw.....bet 6 numbers...10 dollar bet plus bonus....hit 5 out of 6 and hit 2x on the extra....550 won on 20 dollar bet.


Then i bet 2 numbers, 10 dollar bet plus bonus....hit mh numbers...4x onthe extra...400 dollar win


2 games later...bet 2 numbers....$10 bet plus bonus... But i played 3 tickets of the same numbers in one game....hit my numbers....plus 4x on the bonus.

So 400 on each ticket...$1200 win. 



Guys in the smoke shop were goinf nuts. Incredible run. It will never happen again though

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