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18 minutes ago, jranieli said:

UK's gotta start the next game thread. 50% your sig pic and 50% on UK. :clap:

That too. I haven't started or posted in a gameday thread. I guess I'll just check back in during the Superbowl parade. 

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Just keep calm and let UK start the next thread and maybe all of us can have the DJ mocking Sig. The Giants are coming off a bye and historically the Giant have sucked mandingo dick when they play after a bye week. We need all the voodoo we can muster

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If he used video outside of the Eagles game I'd be a bit more enthusiastic.  Show some from the Bucs game!  Anyway I think the team has improved and I like Gallman out there because I see a hard runner in him who has been put on the back burner.  Doesn't have elite speed yet hard runner that bounces off of tackles which we did see in this video and is always falling forward which you see.

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