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Ratley cut, Mack signed

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See now this is what I call progress which is why I still support Gettleman & Judge.  Giants chose Damion Ratley over Corey Coleman and after 4 games, Ratley catches 4 passes for 67 yards in 10 targets.  Then there is that penalty he committed that took away the Darius Slayton TD that would have changed the game against Dallas. 

He was brought in to compete and produce, failed to accomplish that and has been replaced.  Didn't have to sit on the roster 1 more week or 12 more games to see if this was a good idea.

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3 hours ago, gmenroc said:

Except Coleman likely would have produced more and made fewer mistakes

Doesn't Coleman average less than a reception per game for his career?

edit: not career, just with the Giants.... 5 receptions in 8 games. 

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I thought Coleman looked really good this preseason. 

I'm not gonna question too much because we're talking about the #4 WR spot on the team but we're complaining that nobody can get separation and stretch the field and Coleman definitely did both of those for us when he was healthy, and was a really good kick returner. 

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