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4 hours ago, CrazedDogs said:

We won't bench Jones this season, I'd wager on that. He's put in the effort and said the right things. Fatty Haskins has not.

God did we ever dodge a bullet there. This time two years ago I was all in on that entitled fuckwad.

Shurmur pointing out Daniel Jones to Gettleman almost makes up for the two years of his head coaching the Giants.

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So it looks like Haskins is doing everything that a starting QB shouldn't be doing.

About to go on the Covid list because he invited outside people to the team hotel for dinner.

Dude either wants out of Washington or is just an idiot.

I think both.


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  • 2 months later...

So he was benched during the game for an undrafted QB who has only been with the team for two weeks.

And that QB outplayed Haskins.

Then after the game Haskins was no where to be found for the media interview.

This guy is going to be cut this offseason lol

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Remember the fucking shit storm the media caused after the Giants passed on him?

"Oh he's the better QB, Jones is a second round QB at best, Haskins is going to be the next franchise guy"

My favorite: "The Giants are clearly a racist organization for passing on a young black talent for a white guy out of Duke"




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