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Through 4 games, the giants scored a total of 47 points, the lowest in the league, with the 2nd lowest being the Jets at 65. That's right, the Giants are not even close to scoring as many points as the lousy Jets. 

The Giants are also the only team to go two games this season without scoring a touchdown. In their case, these last two games.


Odell Beckham Jr. TDs in week four  = 4.

NY Giants TDs for the entire season = 3.



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7 hours ago, BlueInCanada said:

What did we get for OBJ again?

A below average safety who can't stay on the field?

A guard who has taken a massive step back this season?

Oh and Lawrence.

I guess having Lawrence is a good thing.


Kevin Zeitler was not even part of the trade.

We got Peppers, Lawrence, and Ximines.

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2 hours ago, BlueInCanada said:

I feel like the Zeitler and Vernon trade wouldn't of happened without the OBJ trade.

it was really all the same trade, they  announced the Beckham part of the trade later. I forget why though.

but the deal was Beckham and Vernon for Zeitler, Peppers, and the picks that would become Ximenes and Lawrence. 

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