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2020 Giants NFL Draft Thread


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Just now, boohyah said:

Picking any offensive lineman was never the sexy pick, but it was a huge need and he's a solid player. Fine with the pick. 

Yeah, Thomas was mocked to us in a lot of drafts in January/February before Wirfs and Wills started moving up - based on what I was seeing.  I don't know who is going to be better, I just wanted them to take the tackle they thought was best.

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I do like that gettleman doesn’t get cute or care about staying in line with nfl media (who aren’t paid by nfl teams for their knowledge) big boards.  He identifies who he wants and just takes him 

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I will say he's probably the safest tackle in the draft.

Wirfs (his size better suited to guard) Wills (his lack of development) and Beckton (Flowers 2.0) all had some sort of downside.

Thomas is just ready to play tackle in the NFL, although his ceiling might not be as high as the others.

But I'd rather have a solid thing for 10 years, instead of a boom or bust.

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