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So you think they have an empty stadium season? Or just cancel it outright at that point?


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So by all accounts Corona fever is going to be sweeping the nation and the risk of another outbreak/spread will still be present come fall time when teams should be ramping up for the season.

Now the NFL makes something like 55% of it's revenue (from what I've read) from TV deals/commercials etc, the rest is made from tickets/merchandise/etc.

Obviously the NFL doesn't want to lose over half of it's yearly revenue from not playing a season, as that ammount gets funneled back into teams who are not that profitable and the CBA.

Can you see the NFL playing an empty stadium year? Just have the teams/refs/TV crews and whatever is needed to run the game there every Sunday?

They wont make money from ticket sales/stadium concessions, but they could still make the money from broadcasts and online jersey sales.

Or do you figure the NFL PA will just tell them not to play anything with the risk of players being to great?

Going to be a weird year I tells ya whats.

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They should. Even if they start the year with empty stadiums there's a pretty good chance they'll be able to bring crowds back later. They'll also be the only game in town and that's too good to give up.

It's likely up to the NFLPA though.

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