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Beginning game thread


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I like some of the rule changes.

No more onside kicks, instead it's a 4th and 15 from your 30.

I like the idea of no more kicked extra points instead having to go for it from different yardages for more points.

No longer being able to punt the ball the ball out of bounds inside the 20 should make the game more interesting as well.

Other changes are fucking weird though, the return/coverage team cant move on punts and kick offs till the returner touches the ball, I understand it will cause a lot more big returns but what are the coverage teams going to do? Just stand around yanking each other off till the returned touches the ball? (SO SUPER HOMO BTW)

25 second playclock is something I've been saying the NFL should do for years, CFL has always had a 25 second playclock, makes the game quicker and more action.


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17 hours ago, BronxRik said:

Lol, you're welcome. 

Dude to be honest I freaked out a bit.  I couldn’t find it searching the forum all the links had died.  I couldn’t find it on my lap top.  Then I made my wife find where she must have hidden my external hard drive because clearly I wouldn’t have put it somewhere away neatly.  It wasn’t there either.  

I thought it might have been gone forever.  

The Feagletar is the best of us. 

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What I liked best about the game this weekend was watching the Booth Review official.     he would see something that he wants to review, tells the on field official to stop the game, then instead of having the commentators watching the replays and talking about it, the actual official was on TV reviewing it and talking through it.    The reviews seemed to be faster and listening to the guy helped understand the call.


The kick off change was interesting,  It really seems like the return team should have an advantage, one good block should spring the returner



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On 2/29/2020 at 8:37 PM, boohyah said:

I thought the Guardians won today?

I posted that before they played this week.  I did not watch the game this Saturday because I had other shit to do, but they won 17-14 in a league that is supposed to be fast paced and high scoring...  

The two weeks before this they scored on 9 points in each game.

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