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Giants trade for Leonard Williams


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So we are expected to get a third round pick for Collins (comp)


Basically traded a fifth for one of the better run stoppers in the NFL.


Wonder who's gone then probably Tomlinson since they are basically the same player and hope that BJ Hill bounces back.


Why would BJ Hill be a goner? He's played in most snaps this year....as much as Tomlinson and Lawrence.

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Ok I thought you meant like right now.


Yeah I should of clarified, I didnt mean this year.


I mean the team is 2-6.


It's not like we are making a playoff run, or are in need of help at the DT position stopping the run.


I guess they are hoping if they throw him out on the edge he'll return to all that hype coming out of college and be able to get after the QB, sometimes a change of scenery does wonders for a players career.

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It sure as hell beats having another knee jerk fire sale like a lot of irrational fans on twitter seem to prefer...


I don't want a fire sale but some guys lik Jenkins and Solder could easily fetch some value while off loading some massively bloated contracts we could use to keep the younger guys on the team coming up to pay days the next few years.

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Because this season is already in the books.


I'm looking a head to how this team can get better which it failed to do this year, outside of maybe QB and Oline.


So Leonard Williams and his 7 sacks in 2 1/2 years and who you're going to have to pay $10mm + per year in a long term contract is part of the solution, but BJ Hill, with 5.5 sacks in 1 1/2 years and three years left on his cheap rookie contract is not????


So we're going to pay a $9-10mm premium and two draft picks for 1.5 more sacks????

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