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So where does Rosen end up next?


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You get picked by the Cardinals to be the face of the franchise, only to be traded a year later to Miami since they get a better QB out of the draft.


Miami brings you in saying "You're still a QB with potential!" yet they are clearly the favourites for the first pick in the draft and everyone knows they are picking Tua, a better QB out of the draft.


So where does Josh Rosen get traded to next?


Does he retire to try to avoid the embarrassment of the scenario?


And clearly where ever he goes that team will just end up drafting a QB round one anyways.

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Once they get the Flux Capasitor fixed ...look for Rosen to get shipped to the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers for LeRoy's Selmon's ghost, a Weegie Board and a player to be named later.


On the positive side...he is going to look much faster in that creamcicle orange uniform.


On the negative side....he is going to need to be because the 76' Bucs OL was an all time worst unit......and they used to be able to hit QBs back in the 70s. Sooooo...first times #3 slides....Phil Villapiano is going to put his head gear completely through his sternum.


C. Wagon.

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