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Lorenzen not doing well

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There was an article on ESPN a few years ago when Jared was in the arena league. The author was a big guy himself and the article was about J-Load's size and came off as a plea for Jared to address his ballooning weight. One quote from the article that stuck with me essentially said "There aren't a lot of 350 pound 80 year olds running around".


Get well JL.

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Your organs can only take so much.


Saw an article recently about Gronk and how he has dropped about 50 lbs since retiring....smart.


People arent meant to be that big.


C. Wagon

6-7 270 and run 4.5 is not natural...

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This is the article I mentioned above. It has stayed with me for 5 years as a really big guy myself.


"We see our futures, and they're not long ones. I'm 50, and I might feel it more deeply than he does. Nobody who's 65 looks like we do."



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I rooted for him and hated it when the Giants cut him... he was fun to watch and from the article VG posted the Hefty Lefty seems like a great person.


RIP J-Load. :(

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That sucks.



And in this world of today, everything has to be accepted or youre an asshole.


Put obese women in bikinis in mgagazines...cause its ok to love your body.


No you fucking assholes, that bitch is dieing. Why not put a starving Ethiopian boy on a magazine cover in a speedo...cause its ok to starve to death.


Fuck this world

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