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The team after OTA and before training camp


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Ok so I usually feel very positive about the direction of the team just before they turn in a losing season. This year we are going to have a team that produces the productivity I expect and the rest of you demand. Gettleman was as busy in his second off-season as his first being aggressive and relentless getting rid of players who did not fit the mold regardless of talent. He is building a franchise identity built on the philosophy of 11 players working towards one goal over a team built around an individual. Shurmur in year two of his program is going to have his players in place on both sides of the ball.. Giants will have a rebuilt offensive line going into 2019 after the rebuilt 2018 offensive line that failed to meet expectations.


Meeting expectations has so far been the difference of Gettleman & Reese. Gettleman has been quick to release/replace veterans, draftees and undrafted players who have failed to meet NFL standards. We are seeing real competition at positions over perceived value. Very easy to look at this year and say we drafted Sam Beal in the third round of the supplemental draft and call him first round talent and overlook the secondary in the 2019 draft. Gettleman drafts three players for the secondary because nobody is getting that start without serious competition.




We are in a better place even with some of the more controversial changes because a team cannot be about one or two players but the ability of 11 working together and fitting within the financial limits of a club.


I do not agree with all the decisions made but I do realize they were made for the greater good based on the best possible information which I can accept.

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