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June 8, 2006 -- The Giants begin a mandatory three-day mini-camp next Wednesday, meaning Jeremy Shockey and Plaxico Burress finally will leave the sun of Miami and reunite with their teammates at Giants Stadium.


Those two offensive stars, and defensive tackle William Joseph, have been no-shows at the voluntary offseason workout program that most NFL coaches, including Tom Coughlin, consider more a requirement than an option.


"What drives the coaches nuts," center Shaun O'Hara said, "is they are so concerned that the other team is getting a leg up on them."


As a veteran, O'Hara's voice is heard in the locker room, and if he had a major problem with three starters staying away while the vast majority of the team has been working together since March 20, his opinion would carry considerable weight.


"Here's the way I look at it," O'Hara said. "I feel fortunate that I live here year-round and I can go work out at the stadium. Some guys live other places. You know what? If I had a place in Miami, you bet your [butt] I'd be down there.


"The coaches just want to see you. There's guys who go into the stadium and don't do [bleep]. They're not even lifting, they're in there screwing around, they don't do the workout, but they're not catching heat because they're there. When I was in Cleveland, we had 100 percent attendance at the offseason program and that year we led the NFL in guys on injured reserve and the team didn't do [bleep]."


O'Hara, who turns 29 this month, does not want to consider that this could be his last offseason working out with the Giants. He's the only offensive starter without a multiyear contract, set to make $1.25 million this season in the final year of the three-year deal he signed in 2003. He'd love to re-up for five years and talks are under way. The Giants are amenable to locking up O'Hara, as long as the numbers tumble correctly.


"I would love to finish my career here, absolutely," said O'Hara, a Rutgers grad and New Jersey native. "If one side gets greedy it tends not to work out. Most people say, bottom line, contracts are about dollars. I think there is some truth to that, but it's also in the way it's presented. If a player feels like he is pulling pennies out of an organization, begging for money, players remember that. The same thing if a player is trying to overstep his boundaries, they remember that as well. It's got to be a good give and take."



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Shocks tats are pretty retarded. They're kind of funny actually.


they are amazingly bad. whoever his tattooist is should be shot.


i hate how shockey and plaxico burress don't show up to voluntary workouts with the TEAM yet everyone seems okay with it.

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