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New York Whities.


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We're all fans of a racist organization people, time to admit it, and move on.



Hall of Fame NFL wide receiver Cris Carter took his criticism a step further. According to Carter, the Giants decision to pass on Haskins and draft Jones was centered around a racial bias he believes the franchise has against African-American quarterbacks. Carter even took it a step further and suggested that if Jones was an African-American quarterback, he would have never been selected by the Giants as early as No. 6 overall.




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Well...as long as we are talking about race. If Carter was white and said this about a black QB he would be fired.


I don't know if the Giants have a problem with Black QBs...but anyone that doesn't have problems with Black (or white QBs) out of The Ohio State University.....hasn't been paying attention.




The two only two that had anything close to successful Pro careers Tom Matte (two pro bowls as an RB) and Rex Kern (DB) who ended up having those careers....not playing QB in the NFL.


C. Wagon

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....all off season, from commentators of all races, we heard that Haskins was this uber talented mobile QB. Giants make it known they want to be more mobile at QB. Haskins then turns in the worst athletic testing I've ever seen. Commentators of all races are now known to be biased that a black guy can't be QB unless he's a running QB. (did they? I doubt it. And I'll allow that some portion of them were just parroting somebody else.) The Giants draft instead a QB with, frankly, unexpectedly elite athletic testing.... but now they're racist for not picking Haskins? Cris Carter in particular is dead to me. Fuck. That. Guy.

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