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Welcome to the team Oshane...


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Is this guy gonna be like Osi rushing upfield with guys releasing underneath?

Just watched some of his gametape on the youtube. Definitely hassome Osi tendencies. Was able to set edge some, but the thing I saw was he could get off a block. He wasn't always in the best place to make the play..but when engaged, he could keep eyes out for the ball...and then shed the blocker pretty well.


He does need some discipline in upfield rush. About 50/50 standing or 3 pt stance at snap.

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Bettcher has a lot to say about this kid.


Expects him to be a full three down player, and was one of the highest rated pure pass rushers in the draft.


Needs work on tackling and stopping the RB from getting to the edge but all of it coachable.


Expects the pass rush problem to be fairly well addressed with Lawrence/X-man/Golden/Carter, but also will use a rotation of players getting after the QB, mentions Peppers is a great blitzing safety.

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