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Trade up for Allen?


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Bosa is considered the better DE overall, but Allen is unanimously the best pass rusher in this draft and is being compared to the next Derrick Thomas or Mack.


There is zero chance he falls to the Giants at #6, even with trades up for Haskins/Murray, there is no way he makes it past the 49ers, Raiders or Jets who are all sorely lacking at the pass rushing position.


We have interior DTs in Tomlinson, Hill, and that former Cardinal Olsen?, and Quinnen Williams strong suit is stopping the run, but not necessarily getting after the QB.


With Wynn leaving the Giants are stuck with Golden as their only true pass rusher on the team and he has only stuck magic one year.


Allen could be a game changer like Mack is and would make everyone from the secondary to the LBs better simply because QBs wouldn't have all year to throw.


I believe the Giants could package their #6 and a second round pick up to pick #3-4 to grab him, while being able to keep #17.






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Moving up two to three spots Id imagine would cost more then a second round pick.


I agree with Sep. it would be awesome to get a ligit pass rusher of Allens caliber, but they need all the draft picks they can get. Especially high in the second round.

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