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Two TE sets with Shock and Bo


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glad to be back on the board everyone. had to go for the obvious reasons. question for everyone. should the gmen through in 2 te with 1 back and 2 wr, or any combo of wr te sets now that we signed bo?

parcells stated that the boys would employ a 2 te set and gave some interesting points about the coverage problems it would cause. a few of my buds and i were talking about this last night and there seems to be some good and bad,as there is with everything. with the type of te that has emerged in the nfl as of late i could see how this could be a nightmare in alot of coverage packages. cbs and lbs would have problems with 3 wrs and 2 tes dbs would almost always have to sit in coveage. do you blitz or sit in coverage on this type of set? i dont think that this is going to be the norm but could be a great set up for some big plays. the key imo is the qb has to read the coverage well ie. backside blitz and any number of packages.

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