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Giant vs Jets 2018 pre season

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Sharp should not make this team. That TD was more a case of fantastic blocking than anything Sharp did.


ha, yeah I was just about to say, I think most of us could have taken that kick back at least 30 yards.... blocking was fantastic on that return.

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At the half...


The Good: defense looks pretty decent except for the first drive. Vernon, Harrison, and Collins are playing really well. Run D is suffocating. Offense looks good overall too considering our best WR and RB are both out. I'm pleasantly surprised at Engrams blocking and Shepard may have turned a corner. Eli looks sharp and the offensive scheme aways seems to find one guy getting wide open. Can't wait to see Beckham in this O.


The Bad: O-line is improved but 3 of the 5 are still pretty terrible. Jonathan Stewart and Patrick Omameh both look like wasted FA pickups. Apple can't play the ball and looks like Will Allen 2.0. Still no linebackers that can cover.

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straight to the new RB, Pressley. Thought we'd get to see Martin.

they just picked Pressley up . They probably want to give him some reps to see what he can do before they start making cuts

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