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Takeaways From Sunday's Early Games


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Try as they might, it will be hard for Giants fans and Big Blue legion of angry alumni to blame Sunday's loss on the failings of Geno Smith. Starting for the benched legend, the Honorable Eli Manning, Smith essentially matched his teammate's average production, completing 61.7 percent of his passes for 212 passing yards and one beautiful touchdown toss to Evan Engram. The former Jet's turnover demons did come back to haunt him at inopportune times -- he lost two fumbles on sacks inside Oakland's 30 in the first half -- but both giveaways were forced by barely blocked edge rushers. (Chad Wheeler against Khalil Mack? Yeah, that's not a fair fight.)


What is Geno supposed to do with a banged-up offensive line, next to no running game and receivers who couldn't get meaningful separation even if they ordered a restraining order? If anything, New York's 10th loss of the season is an indictment of the front office and the coaching staff. It is impossible for this team to evaluate their options at quarterback, which they claim was their intention in sitting Manning, when the signal-callers on staff are let down by the surrounding talent, talent acquired by those in charge.




Such a waste. Should've just left Eli in. If he called it quits in the offseason, he'd have gone his whole career without missing a single game.


Fucking retards.

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