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Reasons to watch tonights game.


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Too see how many players end up on IR.


Too see in which quarter VonMiller breaks the single game sack record.


Too see in which quarter Eli gets concussed in.


Too see which excuse MacAttack will be using during his post game interview on why the team looked so ill prepared and why his team is failing.


Too see how few snaps Gallman and Darkwa get.


Too see how many times Spags blitz's on third and long, or his inability to adjust to anything the offense is doing.


Too see how often Eli Apple gets beat on those third downs.


Too see that stunned cunt look out of MacAttack when his third down draw only nets one yard.


Maybe to see John Mara JR in a press box snorting coke off some hookers ass, and maybe being lucky enough that he OD's.


Too see in which quarter you turn the game off, and go to bed.



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