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Moves to the final 53

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Where are you guys seeing that Fluker was released?


I don't know, I was going off Nem's post, LOL


And maybe I just happened to zero in on Fluker last night when he just happened to have some rough snaps, because I'm seeing mostly positive reviews of his play elsewhere.

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Josh Johnson cut!!


Looks like Geno won the backup gig

I honestly thought it was pretty clear cut, there. Geno is the more poised QB. Johnson made it sort of close toward the end.

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The Giants have cut WR Travis Rudolph, according to a source.



bit of a shame ( i thought he might beat out King or Lewis ) .......... maybe he will make it to the PS


Now this I do not understand. They had the 84 kid returning balls. he was hardly in on any offensive series at all. Why not have Rudolph try his hand at the return game under game day conditions. I dont really want to see Beckham constantly being our return guy. If Rudolph could Return Balls play as a gunner on kicks and come in as a WR if needed why not keep the kid? but alas the poor guy has to go down to the PS .... probably get picked off by Da bears.

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I liked Lewis over Rudolph anyways.


With the weapons the Giants have on offence, you cant really just be a "somewhat good WR" you need to be able to play all aspects on the field to make this team as a WR.


Guess Rudolph couldnt get it done on special teams.

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A running tally


1) Eric Pinkins, S (waived)


2) C.J. Germany, WR (waived)


3) Daniel Gray, CB (waived)


4) Steven Daniels, LB (waived)


5) Chris Casher, LB (Waived)


6) Richard Levy, OL (Waived)


7) Duke Ihenacho, S (IR)


8) Tay Glover-Wright, CB (Waived)


(9) Tim Scott, CB (Waived)


10) Devin Taylor, DE (Cut)


11) Curtis Grant, LB (Waived)


12) Bobby Richardson, DT (Waived)


13) Ed Eagan, WR (Waived)


14) Jarron Jones, OL (Waived)


15) Stansly Maponga, LB (Waived)


16) DaShaun Amos, CB (Waived)


17) Nigel Tribune, CB (Waived)


18) Khalid Abdullah, RB (Waived)


19) Travis Rudolph, WR (Waived)


20) Matt Rotheram, OL (Waived)


21) Josh Banks, DL (IR)


22) Canaan Severin, WR (Waived)


23) Jordan Williams, DT (Waived)


24) Ryan Murphy, S (Waived)


25) Jerome Lane, WR (Waived)


26) Mike Nugent, K (Cut)


27) Josh Johnson, QB (Cut)


28) Will Tye, TE (Waived)


29) Deonte Skinner, LB (Waived)


Also heard Hertzlikeamuther is going on season ending IR

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