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How many Cornerbacks do we need ?


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I know we have Jackrabbit , DRC and Apple ....but after that ?


I'm hearing some very good things about Michael Hunter in camp ! ( see link below )




and maybe Blake too ......but how many do you want on the last 53 ?


regards UK

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looks like we need another OT...

New York Giants offensive lineman Michael Bowie was charged Friday with misdemeanor domestic assault and battery in Oklahoma following an alleged incident involving his girlfriend.

Lori Fullbright‏ of KOTV first reported the news. James Kratch of NJ Advance Media noted Bowie, who also faces two counts of property damage, has a warrant out for his arrest in Tulsa County.

The 25-year-old Tulsa native won't travel to FirstEnergy Stadium with the Giants to face off with the Cleveland Browns in their second preseason game, according to Kratch. Kratch also passed along a statement from the organization about the developing story.

"We were made aware of the Michael Bowie situation Saturday afternoon. We immediately notified NFL security," the Giants said. "Michael will not make the trip for our game in Cleveland as we gather more information on this issue."

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Can't have too many. Dime packages are used more than ever and it's an injury prone position

Don't need that many. Hopefully the one thing McAdoo learned from Coughlin was how to rush a player back from injury too soon. :ph34r:

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It is interesting to note that DRC has been taking practice reps and some pre-season snaps lined up as Free Safety. If they think they can get away with using him in that roll ( great ball hawking skills offset by less physicality and mediocre tackling ) they may be able to keep an extra CB with the knowledge that DRC can move over if they have an injury issue at Free safety

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We have plenty of safeties and three of them could start. We ran out of CBs against GB in the playoffs. DRC is not the most durable of players, I don't want to see him hurt playing safety. Hoping we can pick up a veteran CB in Sept.

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