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Dotel cant come soon enough

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how to do get a quadriplegic to walk?



Put him in the batters box with Farnsworthless on the mound.




The guy has no control and his 96-100 mph fastball is as flat as an asian womans ass. He's a HORRIBLE pitcher.

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You do know how your sig came to be correct?

Yes, I do like farns and I think he has great stuff, but lately, he's been shit. I just get frustrated with him because he could be so nasty at times and he has such great potential...you cant teach 97+. He is a good pitcher and he can do well, I just hope he figures it all out soon and becomes more consistant. The stuff is there every time out, the command isnt. I think he needs to throw more warm ups or something.

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Farns has excellent stuff and it is just a matter of time before he is "lights out!" We need all the depth we can get in the pen though, so dotel must get back. If this team is going anywhere it needs Farns to start taking command and pitch with some confidence out there.

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