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I liked Cruz's story, I mean it's the typical underdog story you love to see. No name player, undrafted, gets the change to shine on the big stage and shows the NFL he can run with the big dogs.


Still thought he was horribly overrated by a lot of the NFL media and maybe even the Gints, but glad he got to help the Gints get to the promiss land, and watching him samba dance his way to fame.

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What play? He spent a year and half on the bench.



Right, because he wasn't good enough.


Damn shame, he can still do great things when the ball gets to him, but he can't separate anymore.


I was going to say his play or LACK of, but I knew for the amount of time he was off the field, he'd never be the same.

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He can't play on the outside and the team was probably more mad at him than anyone else about the boat thing


But healthy, the issues he'd cause in the slot would only add to what we have now.

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He got worse every year after his first season with us anyway. Wasn't a coincidence that it happened as soon as nicks broke his foot


Yeah, we have a sleeper in Shepard without all the flash anyway.

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