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Mark Herzlich switches numbers to be eligible to play tight end for Giants


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My guess is the Giants think highly of Hertzlich as a special teamer... but you can't be a special teamer only most of the time and he sucks as a LB... so why not try him at TE... it's not like we've had anything worth a damn recnetly before drafting Engram.

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Didn't the Pats do the same thing with one of their LBs?


They also had a WR who played corner as well I think.


Yes....Verbal was the LB and red zone TE....and Edelman played dime back when they had a dinged up secondary. ....thing is ..both those guys were starters at the time.....and Verbal number was in the 50s if I recall correctly...not a TE eligible number. ..maybe they had him report as an eligible receiver each time.



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Troy brown played cb/wr for them too


I think that's the guy I was thinking of.


I'm surprsed you dont see it more in the NFL, the guys are coming out of college are more and more athletic.


I know in the CFL typically most teams have a single guy for kicking and punting. WR/RB and OL/DL players are somewhat common as well.

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Why do they keep this RUDY type player? if this doesn't work, move on please.


He is now in a position to blow your mind up.


210 yards and 2 touchdowns against Dallas on opening day

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He's got the size and I'm sure effort on blocks will be there, it's kind of a crowded position for us though.


What's that saying, if you several people playing the same position, you really don't have any? look at the RB issue they've had the last few years, until they do something about this, we'll just be average all the time.

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