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Adrian Peterson to the Giants?


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Maybe Peterson was trying to beat the Dahmer out of the kid.


"boy, no eating people!"




As long as he isn't beating his meat on the field like that security personnel from earlier this year, I'm not sure I would care that much. Dude served his punishment.

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Not sure why he wants to play here, our O-line is horrible. Listen, some little kids deserves a beating. I don't think AP is a bad guy. I mean did he sent the kid to the hospital? Black eye?

Not sure if serious,


"The beating allegedly resulted in numerous injuries to the child, including cuts and bruises to the childs back, buttocks, ankles, legs and scrotum, along with defensive wounds to the childs hands. "




Any discipline that ends up in injuries to a child's scrotum is scumbag material.

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He lashed him with something thin if I remember correctly, like a cord or a car antenna.


I agree with Gman too, at this point I'm not sure he's a huge upgrade over someone like Perkins.


It was a switch. You know, that shit they say down south: "Boy, go get me a switch to beat your ass with. And don't be bringing me back one of those little switches either or I'll beat you double".


To be fair though, up North it was the belt. Not many trees grew in Brooklyn I guess.

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Also if you recall the kid was like two years old receiving these beatings. I don't care how you were raised, anyone with any sense of morals or common decency as a freaking human being knows you don't whip 2 year olds regardless of the behavior of the child.

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Waste of time and money looking at RBs until the OLine is upgraded.

I don't think you go into free agency with the mindset of "we won't try to upgrade one position until we have upgraded other positions". You can target guys you like simultaneously.

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