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Glad we beat the Eagles...


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For once, it was the other teams coach who was the idiot...


It was a weird day for me.. I've been helping my best friend on weekends in his new house... door installations, curtains, kitchen cabinet child proofing... etc... It's been really hard watching the game.. the game would be on and I see a play then have to focus on the task at hand... I had no idea how we got up to 14 points early... left my friend's house at halftime driving from Staten Island back to the bronx... I took the New Jersey route both ways since it's much easier to deal with traffic and also the NYC Marathon closed roads in NYC anyway.. listened to the 3rd qtr on the radio (god I hate those stupid commercials... seems there were more commercial time than actual game time)... Made it home during the 4th qtr and God didn't our team have to make it interesting... another INT... and that 4th down miss by the Eagles saved our collective asses... the ball was thrown at the right spot but their receiver fucked the dog...


Anyway, all those fucking 4th downs their idiot coach went for were mind boggling... it was way too fucking early in the game to gamble... glad our team stepped up. I don't have much of an analysis... did we run the ball well? This 5-3 team doesn't feel like a 5-3 to me... not sure if it's just me getting older or what...


Did I say I'm happy we won? Yea... Monday mornings feel so much better.



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Sproles was taking a kickoff to the house and Robinson somehow chased him down At the 15. Eagles went for it on 4th down and didn't convert


Oh yea... I didn't realize it was KR who tackled him... Thanks brother.

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What I got out of the game was:


1. Eagles lost the game more than Giants won it (but I'm sure not complaining).


2. Still no running game.


3. WRs showed up; would have been even more impressive if Roger Lewis had held on to the two balls that hit him in the hands.


4. Defense played well as a whole, but holy shit our front four is awful at rushing the passer.


5. Finally a few different formations than just 11 personnel.


6. 4th down stops were huge.

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Heck yes, pumped the Giants beat the Eagles! They didn't play their best and they still won. Even better, McAdoo giving reps to Adams, Perkins, and Lewis... love to see that. Even though Lewis had the dropsies in this game, I think he can still be a very good player for us. Excited about beating Cincinatti next week!

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