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How will the Giants embarrass themselves this weekend?


How will the Giants blow it this week?   

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  1. 1. What way will the Giants find to embarrass themselves against the Eagles this weekend?

    • Rookie QB throws for 400+ yards and is not sacked once; Eli sacked 8 times.
    • Eagles special teams account for TD in final .08 seconds of game when ball should have been kicked out of bounds.
    • QB lined up for sure sack from blitzing Giants LB instead bounces off and throws game-winning TD
    • Ahead by a field goal, Giants inexplicably run the ball; it's fumbled and returned for a TD
    • Eli rushes for a first down with under a minute left to play, but on the slide, fumbles the ball untouched; recovery by Eagles.
    • Something Larry-Donnell related.

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If you saw the blitz packages Jim Schwartz was throwing at Dak last night, Eli should be very concerned. Our best chance is to get some turnovers... hopefully our secondary can make some big plays like last game. Would like to see Perkins get more burn in this game, also.

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Giants will call a quick out to Bobby Rainey on 3rd and 42 and hope he can teleport himself - and the Giants will punt 325 times and Brad Wing will injure his hamstring punting.....Odell will cheat on the kicking net with a triple jumper and get himself sued.....and the Eagles will win 13-3 after the Giants 324th punt

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