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I'll be relying on Sportswrath for the upcoming NFL Draft


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I've actually been more up on this draft then recent ones.


JR is in full save his ass mode and it will be interesting to see who he drafts or whatever he does.


With the Rams doing the EA thing and trading for the face of the LA franchise it pushes a lot of top 10 talent down in the boards.


I don't think the Giants have any trading partners at 10, the Bucs and Bears arent really threatening on doing anything crazy and dont need a QB. At worst they might be able to get a team in the mid teens trying to jump up over the Bears who might grab Treadwell but since he's nothing to write home about I don't think any team is willing to make that move for a player like him.


Honestly with what it comes down to the Giants are either taking Stanley or Lee, with the worst cases being Tredwell or Floyd.

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I cant see how unless they literally trade away their entire draft next year plus another first round pick or so.


And no one is that dumb, like Mike Ditka dumb.

I think he meant the Titans. That's what I think they will come back up to nine to get Stanley. Apparently the Titans like Stanley more than Tunsil and that's why they made the trade down and they have six picks now in the first two and half rounds so it should easy for them to come up to nine. I think for the Giants it's Floyd or Lee
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Yes, I meant the Titans...wouldn't be anything to trade from 15 back up into the top 10...especially with the arsenal of picks they now have.

I don't think the Giants are taking Stanley even if he's there. Mara said they need to get impact players and stop ignoring certain positions

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What do you want to know?


Joe, if Hargreaves is gone before 10, and there is a decent chance he will be, I think that Floyd is going to be the pick. I've done a lot of Giants' mocks and most have Hargreaves going between 7-9. I don't see him at 7 and the Bucs reportedly aren't high on him (although could be smokescreen... they REALLY need CB help), but you should be rooting for him to be drafted... because then, I think your prayers of a linebacker in the first would be answered. Here's my latest Fanspeak mock, I already posted on BBI:


For the mock I used the Composite Big Board, and without further ado:

1st Round #10 - Pick: OLB Leonard Floyd, Georgia

Also considered: RB Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State; OT Taylor Decker, Ohio state; OT Jack Conklin, Michigan State; DE Shaq Lawson, Clemson

As much as I've tried to get away from Floyd, I simply can't. The decision isn't even all that tough for me. Simply put, I love the coverage ability and pass rush ability that Floyd has. I think he's just a weapon for Spags... one versatile enough to put his hand in the dirt on third downs and explode by an OT, or blitz from the LB position, or cover downfield. I don't think he will be a liability in run defense as some have suggested. He's just too good of a difference maker on defense to not take here.

2nd Round #40 - Pick: WR Josh Doctson, TCU

Also considered: WR Corey Coleman, Baylor; WR Michael Thomas, Ohio State; DT Chris Jones, Mississippi State; RB Derrick Henry, Alabama; S Keanu Neal, Florida

Let me just say I was really surprised that Doctson was available here, even more surprised that Coleman and Thomas were here as well. But in this mock the only receiver to go before #40 was Treadwell, as teams loaded up on OL, DL, CB, and 4 QB's taken by this pick. So it made it an easy decision for me. Even though some might prefer the explosiveness of Coleman, Doctson has the superior ball skills and the big frame that I want across from Beckham. He's the #1 receiver on my board for the Giants, and I don't think he'll be available at #40 when the NFL does this for real, but if he is, than this kind of player for the Giants is like mannah from heaven.

3rd Round #71 - Pick: DT Chris Jones, Mississippi State

Also considered: Derrick Henry, RB Alabama; WR Braxton Miller, Ohio State; TE Hunter Henry, Arkansas; OT La'Raven Clark, Texas Tech; S Vonn Bell, Ohio State

To me, if I'm a team picking toward the end of the first round, Jones is in consideration. He's a player I thought about at #40, so for him to be available here, I'm running to the podium, high fives all the way. And sure, I think Henry would be a steal here, too, but it's rare to see a man with Jones' explosion, at times making guards and tackles alike look silly. He looks unblockable at times, and is the ideal kind of DT to line up next to Hankins or Damon Harrison, and has the versatility to even play end in run situations. This is a 6'6", 310 lb man, 34.5" arms, and nearly 11" mitts, who can athletically dominate. One of my favorite players in the draft and he will contribute immediately and make the Giants front 4 that much better, now and in the long term.

4th Round #109 - Pick: CB Eric Murray, Minnesota

Also considered: TE Nick Vannett, Ohio State; RB Alex Collins, Arkansas; DT Adolphus Washington, Ohio State

I am passing on two of my favorite 4th round value picks in this draft should they be there in Vannett and Collins, simply because I think Eric Murray is one of the more under-the-radar CB talents in this draft, and his ability to shine in press coverage, and elite competitiveness has me seeing long term starter on the outside with him.

5th Round #149 - Pick: S Justin Simmons, Boston College

Also considered: CB Cyrus Jones, Alabama; OT Spencer Drango, Baylor; OG Graham Glasgow, Michigan; RB Jonathan Williams; Arkansas, DE Matt Judon; Grand Valley State

I was tempted to go consecutive cornerbacks here because Cyrus Jones is a good fit here, too. But I went with Simmons, and I think he would fit very well with what the Giants need at FS. When you watch Simmons, you see a player that has a feel for the game, understands exactly what his responsibilities are, and sees the play developing before him and reacts. Simmons is just an intelligent player, and has enough athletic ability to give him the range necessary to defend a good portion of the field. I haven't seen many that can tackle in the open field like him, and he reminds me a little of Antrel Rolle in that regard... so at the end of the day... Simmons was my guy! Think he can start at FS immediately.

6th Round #184 - Pick: OT/OG Spencer Drango, Baylor

Also considered: CB Jonathan Jones, Auburn

Since I was considering Drango in the 5th, this was an easy call with him somehow still on the board. I think Drango will need a little more time to adjust to the pro game than Sy does, but in the 6th round, getting a player with his upside who could develop into a very good zone blocking OG or longtime stalwart at RT makes this an ideal pick this late in the draft. At every round in this draft I feel there were players I picked that should have gone at least a round earlier, and this was no different. All in all, this would be a home run draft if this were to happen, imo, but I'd like to hear your opinions... feel free to flame away.

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