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I think it had something to do with Warner's play on the field not being the problem with why we were losing at the time....at least that's the take Warner took

Warner decided it was time to hold on to the ball fucking forever.

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Yeah, I've thought about the RG3 to Browns keeping them from drafting a QB argument and I tend to disagree. RG3 had 1 good year. Just 1. He got himself hurt in his playing style. He was at least partially responsible for the soured relationships in Washington. There is a LOT about RG3 that gives you pause. And because of that, I think the Browns look for a QB. As many agree, Goff and Wentz aren't the 'can't miss QBs' like Eli, Ben, Rivers, Luck guys were. And therefore, the Browns will need time to stand behind the QB they draft. Because they have RG3, they can do that.


Now, could RG3 play well enough to win the starting spot...sure. But the Browns need to hedge against that should it not happen.


What'll be most entertaining is if the draft pick plays well and how RG3 reacts when he realizes he was signed as a stop-gap player. Not sure when that happens, but it'll be fun to watch when it does.


This whole argument hinges on the Browns being sane, which they clearly are not.


Still, I don't think RGIII stops them drafting a QB. I think they'll look to see who's there in Round 2 but again, they're still hurting from their last three 1st round QB picks (Quinn, Weeden, Manziel) and I'm betting it makes them gun-shy.

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The Browns have a whole new group of team building decision makers. They might actually have a competent group now. I think the Browns are going to draft a QB. Whether they do that at #2 or #32 is up in the air. I think they could go in a number of directions. They have analytics guys in running the show right now. So they may value guys that combine great college production with high end measurables. That could mean they could take someone like Jalen Ramsey if the Titans don't take him, or Ezekiel Elliott.

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