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Pretty clear the Giants brass isn't concerned in the slightest...suppose there's no need for us to be. That said, if Cruz isn't a full go for the full season...it's troubling. Harris is a good slot guy...but I don't want him as our #2. I still want to see more of Geremy Davis based on what I read about last offseason...but he needs to put it together on Sundays.


And yeah, I think we need to draft a WR without question.

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a WR in the 2nd round .......yes ......but an unproven , rookie as our number 2 WR could be a massive gamble if Cruz isnt half the player he was.


Davis has shown nothing yet , Harris isnt good enough IMO.


( and id be really pissed off if we select a WR at pick 10 )

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I can't say I'd be pissed with a WR in the first so long as it's on a player of OBJ's caliber...which I don't think this draft offers. As it is, I'm thinking 3rd or 4th round this year for a WR. Could've gone earlier had we snagged an OT in free agency.


For my money, I can't help but look at DE, OT/OG, LB, WR in that order...but it'd also be difficult not to throw a CB/S in those first 4 rounds too.


I'm just really hoping that our failure to snag the OT in free agency doesn't have the negative impact in 2016 that our failure to snag a S last offseason had on 2015.

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