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Jasper Brinkley Back for 1 year

The P

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Agreed. He was the lone bright spot in the LB corps, besides the games Kennard was healthy.



He was getting a lot of praise for being an old-school down-hill thumper.



Yup. This linebacking group needs to get ALOT better before they allow someone like Brinkley to go. Frankly, on most other defenses, he'd be an average player.


It's not too much to ask that your linebackers be tough. For most GMs, that's a baseline.


For Reese, being a hard hitter is way down the list of priorities, far behind all the Magic Beans qualities that lead him to believe that Adrien Robinson was an NFL caliber Tight End, or that James Brewer was an NFL caliber OL, or that a large cornerback like Jacquian Williams, who got washed away like a fucking sandcastle in the run game, was an answer at LB.

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