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NYG 2016 Off Season Targets


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I was gonna go into a long, drawn out post and explanation about our offseason like I did last season and with my Reese analysis earlier, but things have been going kinda crazy in my personal life and I've been concentrating on that instead. So I'll just give my list of desired targets.


We're going into free agency with (currently) around $60M in cap space (Sportrac has us at $57M, but idk how accurate that is) and potential to increase that if/when we restructure Cruz's contract. I'm guessing that'll give us an additional $5-8M in space so we're looking at closer to $65M in total. Unfortunately we have a ton of holes to fill with that money so we can't really go splurging. We're looking at filling spots at RG, RT, TE, WR2, DE (Multiple), DT (Possible), MLB, OLB, CB, and S... not to mention we currently have no K or P signed.


Starting on the offense, I see two ways to work our OL. We can A: Bring in a new RG and RT making our OL Flowers, Pugh, Richburg, FA, FA. Or we can move Flowers to RT, and Pugh to LT and bring in 2 new guards (which imo would be cheaper and help Flowers better develop) making our OL Pugh, FA, Richburg, FA, Flowers. Targets are as follows:


Brandon Brooks (RG - HOU)

Kelechi Osemele (LG - BAL)

Michael Harris (OT/OG - MIN)

Cordy Glenn (OT - BUF)

Mitchell Schwartz (OT - CLE)


At TE, I believe Will Tye will be brought back, and probably Donnell as well (although I really don't want him back). My other targets here are:


Dwayne Allen (TE - IND)

Ladarius Green (TE - SAN)

Mid-Late Rd Draft Pick


WR... ugh. We saw exactly what the offense looks like without Beckham in the Minnesota game, so although it's not as glaring... we really need help here. Targets:


Jermaine Kearse (WR - SEA)

Marvin Jones (WR - CIN)

Mohamed Sanu (WR - CIN... already rumored)

Alshon Jeffery (WR - CHI)



Ideally I'd like the offense to be set up as follows:


Beckham Jr. Tye Pugh Osmele Richburg Brooks Flowers Allen Jeffery/Sanu/Treadwell

Cruz Manning Harris





The Defense has many more holes to fill and will certainly be the focus of our offseason moves... starting with the debacle that was our DL.


From what I've been reading, Pierre-Paul isn't likely to return and Ayers wants about $400M/year so we need to make a splash here. Hilarious as it was to see once or twice, it was absolutely pathetic that our best pass rusher was our starting FB. Targets are as follows:


Muhammad Wilkerson (DE/DT - NYJ)

Olivier Vernon (DE - MIA)

Malik Jackson (DE/DT - DEN)

1st or 2nd round Pick (More than likely will be 1st Rd)


Our LB Corps have been horrid for years and I don't expect that to change overnight, but we also have moves to make here. Targets:


Von Miller (OLB - DEN... Pipedream)

Bruce Irvin (OLB - SEA... Irvin has an option on his contract, however I haven't heard if Seattle will be picking up the option or not)

Mike Barron (OLB/S - STL)

Brandon Marshall (ILB - DEN)

Danny Trevathan (ILB - DEN)

Shea McClellin (ILB - CHI)

Derrick Johnson (ILB - KC... Stopgap while a draft pick is groomed as he's currently 33)

1st or 2nd round Draft Pick (Reggie Ragland, Myles Jack, Jaylon Smith???)


Injuries played a huge part in the demise of our Secondary and free agency is going to do a number on it as well. Targets:


Sean Smith (CB - PIT)

Patrick Robinson (CB - SAN)

Janoris Jenkins (CB - STL)

Trumaine Johnson (CB - STL)

1st Round Pick (If Jalen Ramsey or Vernon Hargreaves are available)

Eric Berry (S - KC)

Eric Weddle (S - SAN)

Tashaun Gipson (S - CLE)

Walter Thurmond 3rd (S - PHI)


ST is and always will be a simple fix to me. If Josh Brown isn't brought back then we should make a run at Justin Tucker (K - BAL), and Brad Wing is an ERFA, so he should be back next season as well.


My (realistically) ideal defense would be:


Gipson Collins


Kennard Trevathan/Marshall/Ragland Barron/Jack*/Smith*

DRC Jenkins Vernon Hankins Wilkerson/Jackson Drafted DE Robinson


In other words my desired free agent pickups this offseason would be:

Kelechi Osemele (OG - BAL), Brandon Brooks (OG - HOU), Dwayne Allen (TE - IND), Mohamed Sanu (WR - CIN) or Alshon Jeffery (WR - CHI), Olivier Vernon (DE - MIA), Malik Jackson (DE/DT - DEN) or Muhammad Wilkerson (DE/DT - NYJ), Danny Trevathan or Brandon Marshall (ILB - DEN), Patrick Robinson (CB - SAN), Janoris Jenkins (CB - STL), Tashaun Gipson (S - CLE), and Justin Tucker (K - BAL).


As far as the draft goes I haven't looked that deep into prospects so I'm really only looking at round 1 so far. In this order if available:


Laquon Treadwell (WR - MISS)

Joey Bosa (DE - OSU... he won't be there, but if he is...)

Jalen Ramsey (CB - FSU)

Emmanuel Ogbah (DE - OKSU)

Vernon Hargreaves (CB - UF)

Reggie Ragland (LB - Bama)

Shilique Calhoun (DE - MSU)

Carl Nassib (DE - PSU)


There you have it. Let me know what you think, and what you think we'll do.

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I agree with Pdub. I think Pugh just isn't good enough to play tackle right now, at either spot, and shouldn't unless injury forces that. I think Flowers will get better and be a great, not just good, LT. I think he was banged up and had bad moments because of it, but overall, he took too much criticism after a yeoman's effort last year. He has the mentality, the strength, drive, and ability to be a phenomenal tackle on either side. He may need to just be a little lighter on his feet than he has been... so lots of agility drills. I'm very optimistic on Flowers and the only reason I think it would make sense to move him is if the Giants signed a clear LT upgrade, like a Russell Okung, which I don't expect them to do. I always thought Beatty should play at LT (bc of his skillset) and that would predicate moving Flowers to RT, but Beatty is gone so that is no longer an issue.


And I am also hopeful Hart pans out as a starting caliber player on the line, even if he's not a starter when the season opens. You always need that swing guy, so whether it be as a backup tackle or guard, I am encouraged by him and hope he gets his shot as Pdub said.


As far as the draft, I like Ogbah, I think it's such a need at pass rusher you have to get a good one here, but a guy that can come in right away and make an impact.


But I'm intrigued by Hargreaves, but I haven't done my own analysis of him. I know Ramsey is going to be very good... and I believe his best position is FS, a big position of need for us. Nassib is also intriguing. I don't want Treadwell, I'm sure he will be a great player, but I'd rather the Giants address WR in free agency and focus on defense in the first round.

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Fwiw, me suggesting the Pugh and Flowers move has everything to do with Pugh and very little to do with Flowers. I don't think Pugh is strong enough to deal with the constant bullrush from DTs in the league and when Flowers went down for a while I think he did well in relief. That being said, I also believe that Flowers playing RT for a while would allow for a more gradual development of his skills rather than the continuous baptism by fire he received in his rookie season.


I also don't like the idea of not jumping on Osemele who is one of the top OGs in the NFL.


As far as Treadwell is concerned, his name is in this post for 2 reasons only. 1: if he's available at 10 and we've covered the majority of our needs in free agency, there's really no reason to pass up Dez minus Character Issues; and 2: how the hell is anyone going to defend him and Beckham for the next 3-4 years?

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Bills will probably release Mario Williams. He's due a huge paycheck next year and isn't happy with Rexy's scheme.

I wouldn't be opposed to bringing him in at all as long as he's not asking for the world to come here.

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