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OBJ's cousin preparing for combines


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So he has the same last name has Odell and nobody decided to do any research on whether he really is his cousin?


Well...I don't know if he stated how far removed. He could be a very distant cousin. Anyway he hasn't played since high school so...good luck to him. His best bet is UDFA where a team decides to take a quick look.

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This is a better article on him... http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/terron-beckham-odell-beckham-cousin-stil-nfl-dreams-article-1.2540582


I mean, from this article it seems like he really is his cousin. No matter... hard not to root for the kid... taking the leap, a gamble, and going for it. And he just wants a shot. The athletic tests are remarkable. 40 reps of 225? That's amazing for a man his size.

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