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Carl Banks


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Yeah, Banks can talk the talk about the Giants, but we all can do that. but being a coach and dealing with real game situations is a lot harder that just talking on TV about it.

wasn't banks in Real Game Situations?????

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@CarlBanksGIII: I can absolutely Confirm that i spoke to both John Mara and Jerry Resse last week during lunch https://twitter.com/NYTallPeople/status/687039526888431617


@NYTallPeople: @CarlBanksGIII Who made you the dark house???


CarlBanksGIII: Due to the fact that i am the Official "darkhorse" for the Giants job.. i can no longer comment on other candidates


@eeriv126: @CarlBanksGIII not sure what everyone' infatuation is with H. Jackson for @Giants HC job. just give it to McAdoo and move forward already

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Not being the Coach of the Giants? talking on TV is one thing, but.......


He does have quite the knowlege of the game, the linebacker position, works on scouting tape every week. Plus I am sure that any Giants player would listen to every word he would have to say to them. I would think it is more of a does Carl Banks want to give up his cozy radio/tv gig to get back into the trenches of the coaches office.


If the commercials are true he is rolling in a KIA, so he could obviously use a raise.

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