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What interesting new way will the Giants blow the lead tomorrow?


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A team with filled street free agents and other teams practice squad players. My guess is they win and go two and two the rest of the way saving Coughlins job


Those street free agents actually played with some heart today, at least. They were serviceable. I particularly liked the play of Trevin Wade who held Jarvis Landry pretty much in check in the second half. Even Mark Herzlich and Jasper Brinkley stepped up.


Landon Collins is still lost. Outside of one solid tackle that caused a fumble, he was absolutely dreadful. He still doesn't know that when a guy goes down on a knee, the play is not over, I.E., the Landry punt return that set up the Dolphins second TD. He still can't figure out what his responsibility is in pass defense.


Manning, Beckham, and Jennings play raised the whole team, from my viewpoint. This is a team that needs a group of core offensive skill position players. They actually a legit running game, albeit, against the 31st ranked run defense, lol. The Andre Williams experiment needs to be over. Desperately needs to be over. It is long past the time where the man should even be on the active roster.


Beckham is unbelievable.

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Did you see the overhead replay on stills' td? Collins just stayed 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage and stared at everyone who stayed in to block. He was totally lost on a fucking max protection play


Yeah bro, I made a comment in response to yours in the game thread, lol. Absolutely lost in pass defense. He made a decent play in following up DRC's missed tackle on a Landry screen but other than that, he is a complete liability. He can't support the corners. Cooper Taylor has shown more in limited snaps than Collins has all season. And speaking of corners, what's up with Prince? The cushions he's giving make it difficult to get third down stops. He played that Dion Sims guy like he was a speedster WR on third and short and inevitably gave up a first down completion. It's like he can't take any chances because he has no legit safety help.

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