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Injuries and depleted areas of concern


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Although we're not getting a ton of serious injuries, the nagging little ones are sure adding up.


I'm concerned about our areas of depletion....i.e., LB'rs, edge rushers, WR's, TE's, and lack of depth at the CB position.


I have to give credit to this team and the coaches for being able to win games with backups...and in some cases, backups to backups and even players off the street.


This team has a lot of heart and they are very much team oriented which bodes well for the rest of the season. Watching 5'10" Whitlock going up against a 6'7" 350 lb offensive lineman is a perfect example of the old saying, "it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the heart". Whitlock certainly proves that....as does Will Tye. And then there's Unga who hadn't played a down of organized football for more than 2 years while spending a couple years on a mission field in Guatemala City after leaving BYU.


If we could have a healthy Beason for the season (like that's going to happen) and keep OBJ, Cruz, and Randle healthy, and get Selvie and Ayers back to full health...we have a shot at going all the way.


Thankfully, we haven't had one of those career ending injuries (apart from JPP, dumbass) to a star player this year. This would be a great week for our annual bye, but that ain't gonna happen for 5 more games after we play 4 relatively soft opponents (knock on wood) and then entertain that Patriots at MetLife. Would much rather have the bye before playing the Pats, but that just isn't in the schedule.


Regardless...this team is depleted in crucial areas and not sure what we can even do about it.

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You really did fuck that quote up BB :) "It's not the size of the dog in a fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog"


J/k - I agree with everything you said except for the bye schedule. I agree the bye is good for healing purposes, but as you said - we have relatively 'soft' opponent (amazing how a couple weeks can do that to your thinking, until then WE were the soft opponent to other teams!) this team has a chance to win and also gel together where starters, back-ups, and back-back-ups can play with the first team offense and defense and then can easily be plugged in and rotated as and when necessary. The Pats game should be an absolute cracker - expose all our weaknesses and if we can go toe to toe with them in that game - we are primed like that SB run where we lost a close game to them in the last week.

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