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DK/FD Week 4


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I mostly ignored him because of the matchup with Houston. Big mistake. Dare I say Devonta Freeman is matchup proof? I don't think Tevin Coleman is getting his job back.

his price will probably skyrocket next week

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The Ingram TD being overturned hurt me, too.


Here were my lineups:




I played 4 entries into 3 different $3 tournaments, and a $25 double up. The lineup on the bottom was the one I used for the double up, so I was really counting on Ingram to have a great game, but the huge disappointment was the Rodgers to Cobb connection. I've watched plenty of Packers football this year, and Rodgers and Cobb seemed like a sure thing to at least post decent numbers. They simply didn't deliver. Rodgers wasn't sharp and the Packers' O-line really sucked hard allowing a lot of pressure. All of a sudden, Jordan Matthews also wasn't getting 9-10 catches, either. I only picked the Chargers because they were playing the Browns at home and they sucked, too. Should've stuck with my 'ole standby, the Rams, or my second choice of the Packers.


I have one chance to make money, and that's the lineup with Russell Wilson. I have to jump a 100K spots to get into the money... not impossible because there aren't a lot of entrants with possible points remaining. So I'm hoping for a monster game by him, and a shit game by the Seattle DEF (not likely). Even if I get into the money, it's going to be basically impossible to get up the standings enough to cover my losses this week... just will minimize the damage. with $37 out, if I get $13 back, I will take that this week. I think I need about 30 points from Russell this week to get there, probably only 20 to get into the money.


I also thought it would be interesting to check out the lineup of the guy in first place:




He didn't have one player I didn't consider, except I wasn't too confident in Carson Palmer. I wish I put it all together.


Silver lining is that I will go at least 3-1 in my fantasy leagues this week, with an outside chance at 4-0. So far, having a pretty good season in traditional fantasy.

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Well Hurns was a good pick, the rest...



I actually played Hurns in a traditional (deep) league I'm in. I like him, and really considered him this week for DK as a cheap flex option. Obviously, I thought guys like Matt Jones and Rueben Randle were better plays. FML.

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also i lost to a girl this weekend who was playing her 4th ever fantasy game and was starting bortles at qb





There's no shame there... she got lucky with role players having good games.


Secondly, you know there is a man somewhere telling her exactly what to do.

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This doesn't even bug me that much, but the shit with spiller is really annoying. Going up against him should be an advantage for me and that game only went into OT because yet another bum kicker missed a chip shot fg. What the hell has gotten into these guys this year?

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