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Talladega Race was the most boring race ever


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I like watching NASCAR now and then...at least have it on in the background. I always tune in for the Daytona 500 and especially like Talladega.


But this last race at Talladega was the most boring ever. Normally I would tape the last 10 laps on the DVR to watch it again if I wanted. But this year it just sucked.....I mean, "put you to sleep" sucked. BORING.


A line of cars all going the same speed, bumper to bumper, around in circles. No three abreast - no one trying to start a 4th line, no massive pileup, nothing at all that was exciting. It's more exciting to watch an aerial view of the toll booth on the NY Thruway coming into Albany from the west.


Happy for Junior, but the race was simply not worth watching. A real snoozer.

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