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Scumbag Adrian Peterson Reinstated

The P

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I don't think of him as a scumbag but found it sad that he chose to discipline his son the way he was by his father. I guess AP really felt that getting beat with a switch by his dad made him into a better person.

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A 4 y/o should never get beaten with a switch. Even if you think parents should be able to discipline children in the way they feel appropriate as I do (within reason), this is an extremely violent punishment for a 4 year old child.


In case anybody forgot...




At the time of these pictures, these wounds were 4 days old. Apparently welts on his genitals, also. He's a scumbag.

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Well my Old Man ruled by Fear and FEAR ALONE... He spanked me twice in my life... nothing major... a single swat. My Mom the Half Native American Mom... well her hand found my ass when necessary. Neither abused their children...


The Old Man... Fear Personified... :D






Mom... Like Wendy Williams' Mom...no use of objects and no Native American Philosophy as that ass was beat... one to four swats open palm...


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