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Yankees vs Rangers


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I hate to say this. But Mariano has stunk all season long. He's constantly giving up runs and just plain irrelevant.


I don't like seeing him warming up right now. I know at least one run will be scored on him. Even his saves have looked bad.

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What can I say, it's the truth. I sincerely hope he pulls it together. He was still very effective last year.


very effective? he was the frigging team MVP and if the voters were not so hell bent on not giving it to a RP he SHOULD HAVE been the LEAGUE MVP.


My god, bad mouthing MO should be a sacriledge for gods sake.

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Mariano seems to be lacking arm strength, and the only way I know of getting it back is put him in a game where he’d get a high pitch count of at least 50 or preferably more. I think his location problem would improve with more consistent use.

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I agree with xxi, Mo was the league MVP last season as well as Cy Young.


Smalls, my man. You should know this as youre a Yankee fan, Mo always goes through a mild stretch where he gives up a few runs in a few outings. If youve noticed, his mph is cosistantly 94-95, his cutter just isnt biting that hard right now, but even still the hits he has been giving up have been 99% bloops or broken bat look what I founds. At this time last season his numbers were extremely similar.

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